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cryochamber for horses

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HCP-method cryotherapy

(Horse Cryostimulation Procedure)

The HCP procedure is an authorial method devised by cryotherapy and physiology specialists. Its goal is to achieve high efficiency of biological renewal. HCP is a complex set of activities composed of examination, observation and optimum, case-by-case application of a temperature level and period of exposition using cryochamber.

It has been effectively used for years in patients with different afflictions, mostly rheumatoid and post-traumatic, but also as biological regeneration in sports.

Treatments have a systematic character. This method is used in patients with:

  • neurological disorders with muscle spascity
  • all post-traumatic and post-surgery contidions
  • primary and secondary auditory system degenerations

It influences the surface of the whole body, and provokes defensive mechanisms, which are medically beneficial and efficiently revoke the status quo of the living organism.

The treatment is especially effective in sports traumatology. Systemic cryotherapy is the method of choice of physical sports trauma and bio-regeneration treatment, which has already been connected to sports, and professional life performance.

Device protected by international patent

Cryogenic chamber for horse No. P.414791


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